Getting to know your teammates with hiki

Getting to know your teammates with hiki

Working remotely should not stand in the way of getting to know your colleagues. We’ve designed Hiki precisely with that in mind: to bring your team closer together, even if you are thousands of miles apart.

Getting started

Hiki will be ready to use immediately after you have installed the app in your workspace. No additional setup is required. To get started, simply follow the instructions in Hiki’s welcome message.

As part of the installation Hiki will also add a custom slash command to your workspace — /hiki. This command will provide a handy shortcut, making Hiki accessible at any time, in any conversation throughout Slack.

List of commands

There are a total of six actions you can perform in any channel or group discussion on Slack using the slash command. When typing commands to Hiki in direct message you can omit /hiki from the syntax.

Command Action
/hiki tag @user +[skill] Upvote a user’s skill
/hiki tag @user -[skill] Downvote a user’s skill
/hiki wiki List all of your team’s skills
/hiki wiki [skill] List everyone with a specific skill
/hiki wiki @user List skills of a specific user
/hiki help Look up commands and get support


Tagging your teammates forms the core of Hiki. As a basic principle, you can tag anyone on your team with any word representing a skill, interest, expertise or any other personal attribute or ability.

To tag one of your teammates use a slash command /hiki tag @user +[skill]. Hiki will respond with a confirmation message to let you know that the tag has been successfully added.

In addition to tagging one another, everyone in your workspace can upvote and downvote everyone’s tags. To upvote someone’s tag, type /hiki tag @user +[skill] one more time. It will add another point to their tally.

To downvote a tag, and subtract a point, use the command /hiki tag @user -[skill]. Any tag that has been downvoted to zero will stop showing up on that person’s list of skills.

Each member of your workspace can tag themselves up to eight times. This can take the form of eight different tags or a single tag upvoted a total of eight times. There is no limit to tagging and upvoting / downvoting others.

Looking up tags

Anyone on your team can look up tags associated with others on your team as well as your workspace as a whole. To view one your colleague’s tags use the slash command /hiki wiki @user. It will bring up all the tags associated with that specific person. To see all of the tags that are currently in use in your workspace type /hiki wiki at any time.

You can also search for team members associated with a particular tag. For example, if you are looking for help with copywriting you can type /hiki wiki copywriting. Hiki will then list all of your teammates tagged with that keyword, ranked by the number of upvotes they’ve received so far.

Getting in touch with us

We hope this gives you a good idea of how Hiki works. If there is anything else that’s not clear or you’d just like to give us your feedback please send us a message at [email protected]. You can also come chat with us directly in our Slack community We’d love to hear from you ☺️